Our Vision

smart recognition – intelligent action

We at Pixel Logic we are the leading problem solvers in the field of intelligent object recognition. No picture is safe from us.

Company history

We founded our start-up company on June 15, 2017.

David Moyses, Firmeninhaber

My education

Matura Typus C – Basel

Automobilingenieur HTL – Biel

Nachdiplomstudium Mechatronik – St. Gallen
Abschluss Master of Science Mechatronik

Udacity Nanodegree Artificial Intelligence
Abschluss mit Vertiefungsrichtung Computer Vision

Highlights professional background

Swiss IML AG (Start-up) – Frauenfeld
Konstruktion und Auslegung von Handlings Robotern

Amacker + Schmid AG – Frauenfeld
Entwicklungsingenieur Sondermaschinenbau